To our guests...

We invite you to relax ... make yourself at home ... and enjoy our home-style cooking, served to you in our cozy, informal atmosphere.

The Cypress Grill was first opened by the Carta family on Saturday, May 30th, 1936. Its fine food, good service and pleasant surroundings immediately won "The Diner" a large clientele which has increased steadily throughout the years.

At one time Route 15 (now Route 17) was one of the main connecting roads between Boston and New York. As a result, every weekend the Cypress served approximately 240 customers in 20 minutes continuously.

In 1940, a combination dining room and bar was added, which would eventually provide weekend dancing. In 1941, the new tap room was added.

During this time it was not uncommon for the Cypress to accommodate such renown celebrities as Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey and their band, Benny Goodman, Blanche and Cab Calloway, Lawrence Welk, the incomparable Tony Pastor on their way to or from a performance. Many past Connecticut governors, Eleanor Roosevelt and other political dignatiries frequently made the Cypress their regular stop.

To this day, the Cypress proudly serves delicious food to diverse celebrities ranging from author William Manchester, director Martin Scorsese and actors Alan Alda and Bradley Whitford. We would be glad to add you to the list of people who've sampled the Cypress throughout the sixty years we've been in the business of serving our customers. Thank you

Today we continue to strive to live up to our motto...